Create Windows 8.1 accessible samba shares with user level authentication

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I have had the hardest time getting Windows to access user level protected Samaba shares until today. I found out how to properly add a samba user (webmin does not seem to do it properly on it’s own). I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

(replace SAMBAUSERNAME with the name you want to use)

sudo useradd -s /bin/true SAMBAUSERNAME
sudo smbpasswd -L -a SAMBAUSERNAME
sudo smbpasswd -L -e SAMBAUSERNAME

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Three Kids Learn to Water Ski!

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Sunset After the Storm

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God was showing off his splendor and glory after the recent storms that passed by the house.

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AWANA Grand Prix 2013

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Ryan and Kaitlyn took 1st and 2nd place respectively in the 2013 AWANA Grand Prix last week. They were very thankful to their Papa Gutsch for making their cars with them!

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Cool Windows 8 Logo and settings for Classic Shell Start Button

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This is what your taskbar can look like with Windows 8, Classic Shell, and my custom windows 8 logo image.

If you can’t stand the Windows 8 metro interface or just want to have the option of the old start menu too, You want to pay attention.

This is how you can have the best of both worlds by getting the faster Windows 8 system but skip all the “Metro” interface and make it work similar to Windows 7.

First, you want to install Classic Shell from Then  you want to download the image to the left here to use as your start button image. Place it in the classic shell skins folder in your program files folder. If you want some easy to use good looking settings, download my XML of classic shell settings and import those settings as well.


Classic shell start menu open.


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Baby Dedication For James Michael Baker

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Pictures and Video of the dedication at OHC:

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Version 1.60 Plugin for Open Dental

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IMPORTANT:This may not work yet with stock code until the OD team inserts a line of code, which I have not yet verified is in everyone else’s program yet. I DO NOT RECOMEND trying this until I can Verify. – DrTech

The newest version of DrTech’s Open Dental plugin is ready! Version 1.6.0 is compatible with OD v 13.1.0 and greater. (Tested with v 13.1.10)

Click here to see the complete overview of the plugin…

LATEST VERSION 1.6.0 for all OD 13.1.>0 (Positively Tested with 13.1.10)

V1.6.0(3/18/2013) PluginDrTECH160 (Can’t download this until merged with OD stock code)


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Ski Trip to Winter Park and Mary Jane

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Surviving blizzard conditions to reach our destination, we enjoyed some great snow and conditions, then some really sunny and warms days on the slopes…

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Cousin Portraits

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A Field Trip to Fantastic Caverns

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Spending the afternoon exploring God’s creation underground, the whole family took a field trip to Fantastic Caverns! The cave is just north of Springfield, so not too far of a trip and the kids loved exploring this cave for the first time, being the second cave tour of their lives. (Actually, this way Ryan’s second time in this cave, but he was still “in the tummy” as we say around here, so that didn’t count :p ) 

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